Extended Day

Extended Day is available for 2024-2025.

Social Services

Marble Hill Nursery School is very fortunate to have the services of Chris Cassorla, our school psychologist, several days each week.  Chris works with groups of children in sessions that incorporate art, storytelling and role playing, which increase our children’s ability to identify and verbalize their feelings.  On a daily basis, the teachers reinforce behavior of empathy, inclusion and tolerance.  The great diversity in our school provides the ideal forum in which to teach lessons of understanding, compassion, and respect, lessons we hope will help our children create a better future.

Parents are also welcome to request a meeting with Chris by making arrangements through the office.

Speech Therapy

Marble Hill Nursery School is fortunate to have weekly visits from speech language pathologist Maria Blanco of Growing Minds Therapeutics. Maria works one-on-one with children in need of therapeutic services. For more information contact the office.

Cool Culture

Founded in 1999, Cool Culture provides free access to 90 of NYC’s world-class cultural institutions to 50,000 participating families, giving children experiences that improve literacy and learning. For more than two decades, Marble Hill Nursery School has enjoyed the benefits of this unique opportunity.


Friday is “Library Day” at Marble Hill Nursery School. Every Friday, our children visit the library, select a book for weekend reading and bring the book home in a special canvas “library bag.” We ask you to read and enjoy the book with your child and return it to school on Monday. Families are free to visit the library at drop-off or pick-up time, browse through the selection, and borrow a book overnight.